I donate time at my property to a silent auction every year. Is this still a good idea? Any tips?

 What are some "Best Practices" for Owners

 When do I receive payment to cover cleaning fees/ any rent due me/ etc ?

 I have a management company that handles rentals at my property. Can I still create a listing?

 Are my cleaning costs covered?

 How is my listing promoted?

 Do I get a Tax Deduction?

 Do you collect a damage deposit / damage waiver to protect me?

 How can I help to promote my TravelPledge property listing?

 How do I get my listing to appear on your "Featured Listings"?

 How do I make sure I get (whitelist) your communications?

 Is there a contract to sign?

 What does it cost me to be part of this?

 What is the refund policy?

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 How can I help to promote this TravelPledge site?

 I purchased a certificate for a fun experience at an auction. Now what?

 How does this work?

 What are these "last minute" experiences that I keep seeing on your website?

 What is the refund policy?

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